22-24 November 2023
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa, Portugal
22-24 November 2023
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa, Portugal

Poster Communications

  •  Andrew Bates - Increasing Hydrophobicity and Stability of Vanadium Schiff Base Catecholate Complexes with Adamantyl Substituted Catechol Ligands

  • Angelos Amoiridis - Design and Modulation of Selectivity Towards Vanadium(V) and Uranium(VI) Ions: Coordination Properties and Affinity of Hydroxylamino-Triazine Siderophores

  • Athanasios Salifoglou - Vanadium influence of natural extract antioxidant activity on neuroprotection 

  • Connor C. Dolan - Vanadium and manganese speciation and its effect on mitochondrial reactive oxygen species formation 

  • Debbie Crans - In Vitro, Oral Acute, and Repeated 28-Day Oral Dose Toxicity of a Mixed-Valence Polyoxovanadate Cluster

  • Debbie Crans - Vanadium(V) Pyridine-Containing Schiff Base Catecholate Complexes are Novel Lipophilic, Redox-Active and Selectively Cytotoxic in Glioblastoma (T98g) Cells

  • Enrique González-Vergara - Guanidinium decavanadate as a small biomimetic model to understand decavanadate protein interactions through arginine side chains

  • Éva A.  Enyedy - Complex formation of anticancer 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives with oxidovanadium(IV): solution stability and structure

  •  Kameron Klugh - Synthesis and Characterization of tri-isopropyl catechol and di-isopropyl catechol for use in Bioactive Vanadium (V) Schiff Base Complexes 

  •  Kento Okabayashi - Oxovanadium(V)–Catalyzed Coupling Reaction of Alcohols with Silyl Enol Ethers via C-O Bond Cleavage 

  •  Luís G. Alves - Early transition metal complexes supported by PNP pincer ligands

  •  Maddalena Paolillo - Binding of oxidovanadium(IV) complexes [V(IV)O(malt)2] and [V(IV)O(empp)2] to lysozyme

  •  Maria Loizou - Vanadium(V) Complexes with Siderophore Vitamin E-Hydroxylamino-Triazine Ligands

  •  Maria Michaelidou - Synthesis and characterization of heteropolyoxo-fluoro vanadium/copper compound and its redox properties for application as photoanode

  •  Mišel Hozjan - Vanadium(IV) coordination compounds with picolinic acid derivatives 

  •  Moe Unoki - Development of Ring-Closing Metathesis Reactions by Vanadium(V)-Alkylidene Catalysts

  •  Skyler Allen Markham - Stability and Structure-Activity Relationship Analysis of Halogenated Vanadium Schiff-base Catecholate Complexes

  •  William Bertoluzzo - V-catalytic aerobic C-C bond cleavage of aliphatic 1,2-diols: thermal and photoinduced processes